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Join Chevrolet by sharing stories of America's favorite pastime.
Proud to support baseball at all levels: for generations, Chevrolet and baseball have woven through the fabric of American life. At Chevrolet, we are about building the next generation of memories for baseball fans and players alike. Join us by sharing your favorite baseball stories.
John Kruk - Baseball really started for me one Christmas when I was six and I got my own Spalding glove. I was used to getting hand-me-downs from my older brothers but since I am a lefty I got my very own glove. I remember one of my brother Kevin Millar - I remember it like it was yesterday, playing in the Boys Baseball World Series as a 12 year old, with my team from Valencia, CA. We traveled what we thought was a really long way, all the way to St. Joseph, Missouri to play, but not compared to our opponent, who ended up being from the Philippines! Prince Fielder - Baseball has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up, I traveled around the Big Leagues with my dad, and got to see and meet Big League players on the field. I watched these superstars play a game that they loved and was inspired and motivated to do the same with my own career. I really used these players as models for how hard work and determination could pay off if I really put my head down and committed to the game.
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winning the superbowl!

Kate from Austin, TX

Kirk gibson, 88, enough said. Yup yup!

Neil from San Francisco, CA

Missy Franklin has been the biggest inspiration to me. Her performance is the olympics was captivating, and she turns out to be an equally impressive person outside the pool.


Golfers. They carry themselves with class, sportsmanship, and courtesy. So many of the other major sports are all about vanity, and showmanship. It's sickening!


The ONE that doesn't CHEAT!!!


When my coach moved me from pitcher to shortstop. I enjoyed it far more!

Matt Rogers from Newport, CA

Hitting a grand slam in little league!

Doc from New England

My softball coach is a role model and a leader, and has instilled sportsmanship and dignity in our team.


Michael Phelps. The man is half fish. He's a miracle of science.

Has to be Jack Robinson. A true hero.

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